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turfcoach: A Year of Growth, Innovation, and Recognition in 2023

Ekaterina Gulina

2 Min. Lesezeit

Dec 27, 2023




As we bid farewell to 2023, a year marked by challenges and triumphs, we at turfcoach take a moment to reflect on our journey, celebrating the milestones that have defined us as pioneers in the sports tech industry. Despite the hurdles, we stand proud, having not only weathered the storm but emerged as strong and groundbreaking players in our field.

Securing funding was a pivotal goal for us, especially in the face of a global venture capital slowdown. Undeterred, we successfully closed a Pre-seed round, a testament to the resilience and dedication of our team. The challenges we faced only fueled our determination to excel.

Central to our mission was the continuous improvement of our product, with a particular focus on our Coach software. Infused with AI-driven insights, this software supports Grounds managers in their daily decision-making. Our aim was twofold – to deliver an exceptional user experience and to ensure flawless functionality. Thanks to the tireless efforts of our tech team, we proudly released our Coach software, meeting our deadlines and exceeding expectations.

Growth was not limited to our product; our team expanded from 4 to 10 members. Looking ahead, our ambition is to further augment our team, attracting talented professionals. This strategic expansion positions us to not only enhance our product but also to penetrate new markets and provide tailored support to our customers.

The dedication of our business development team proved instrumental in our success, culminating in the receipt of 7 prestigious awards from different countries. Our groundbreaking solution that transforms the current analogue, manually produced turf maintenance into an essential digital, automatic and data-driven part of the game that continuously improves, has been recognised by multiple jury panels.

Among our notable achievements are winning the International Sports Groundbreakers Challenge for our AI turf disease prediction and identification tool, triumphing in the Southampton Future of Football competition. We were honored at the Galicia Sports Tech Congress, LaLiga Sustainability Challenge, European Sport Congress and proudly became members of DFL StadionInnovation 2022.

The pinnacle of our achievements includes the recognition of the World Football Summit, where Turfcoach was awarded the prestigious Best Sports Tech StartUp Award. Additionally, our triumph in the LaLiga AI Challenge further solidified our position as innovators at the forefront of the sports tech landscape.

As we look back on 2023, turfcoach stands tall, proud of our accomplishments. The new year brings fresh challenges and lofty goals, and with our exceptional team in place, we are poised to conquer new heights. Our gratitude extends to everyone who supported us throughout this journey and placed their trust in our vision. Together, let's embrace the opportunities that lie ahead, confident in our ability to redefine the future of sports tech.